Databases & Custom Software

Technologies Plus has been creating custom and customized solutions for businesses, large and small, for over three decades. Technologies Plus uses “low code” solutions to minimize cost and time to deliver working, cost effective applications and services to your most vexing and important business needs.

Certification and continued education

We are Filemaker 18 Certified, and can assist with Claris Filemaker based systems that operate on premise or in the cloud. Our industry is constantly changing, so we invest in our staff so that we can help you invest wisely in your company. We are also experienced with Omnis, Visual Basic, Crystal Reports, Microsoft PowerBI and other modern reporting and application tools.

Database oriented specialist
We have many years of experience with designing and integrating SQL databases including Oracle, Postgres and MySQL with Filemaker or other “front end” interfaces. The key to a good database is having great access to the data in usable form.

Web, Cloud and Hybrid Infrastructure
Our abilities can be employed to help with existing applications or new applications. We can also help you move applications to the Web/Cloud and integrate systems with accounting systems such as Quickbooks, SAP, Dynamics and more. We can help you deploy applications to Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and more.

Wide ranging experience
While we focus on databases, our team can be available to assist with narrow focused requirements or for entire systems and work processes. We can provide a “holistic” approach that encompasses customer facing applications, back office applications, mobile applications and more. We specialize in integrating systems to improve employee efficiency and make your customer’s experience more satisfying, fluid and useful.